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Monday motivation #12

Honestly, I´m coffee addicted. Totally a coffee lover at any time of the day 😀 . I enjoy it, calm down and find relaxation in it. Are you also the coffee type or more the tea type? Every Monday you will get one short... Continue Reading →

Bye bye March – hello April

Sorry for the bad update, but there were holidays and so I took the time for my family. That´s why I have no plans for April. Before you get my photo overload of the last month, we check if I realized... Continue Reading →

Sunny day on the beach

We had a wonderful weather and we (my boyfriend and I) decided to go on the beach. It was so nice and the sun was shining the whole day. We made a long walk and marveled about the big villas... Continue Reading →

5 facts about us

Recently, we were asked to tell #5facts about us. As you know, we are Mrs. Tralala und Mrs. Blablabla, two creative sisters with a head full of ideas and thoughts. The blog is our room for that. Besides, we love to spend... Continue Reading →


The last days I used my new make-up products and I will give you a little review. The eyeshadow palette has very beautiful colours. The colours are natural on my eyes, I like this look, because in the school I... Continue Reading →

Monday motivation #11

After a stressful day you can reward and present yourself with a bath. Put on some good music, light candles and take time for yourself. Don´t wait for it till weekend 🙂 . Every Monday you will get one short post... Continue Reading →

DIY: Stylish choker

Everybody speaks about it, wear it, love it - choker! The fashion trend not only for bloggers. Today, I will show you how to make a choker - cheap, fast and easy. Material:   Leather string (length: neck circumference +... Continue Reading →

Monday motivation #10

Is it weird? No it´s fun! Dancing promotes the release of "happiness hormones" and reduces levels of stress. Everybody needs that, especially on Mondays 😉 . I don´t mean that you should dance during an exam or at work in front... Continue Reading →

DIY: Collar or not?

As mom you want to dress your child pretty but also comfortable. Kids don´t go to the fashion week, they are active and need space to move. Especially babies need our attention. I noticed that many nice clothes have collars.... Continue Reading →

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